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Blog - Bioenergetics for management and conservation
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About and Contact

Anglet, France

Bioenergetics for management and conservation is a section of the Evolutionary dynamics and management application course at University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (Anglet, France). In this course, 2nd year students of the “Aquatic Ecosystems Dynamics” (DynEA) Master are introduced to the latest developments in evolutionary theory and tools and how they could help solve practical challenges in the management and conservation of natural populations.

As part of the Bioenergetics for management and conservation section, pairs of students study a recent publication investigating the acquisition, processing and use of energy by organisms (aquatic, but not exclusively). They then present the study orally to their peers, highlighting how the method and results contribute (or might contribute) to management and conservation issues. Following this discussion, they must produce a blog post targetting management and conservation professionals.

To strengthen the discussion and motivate the students, researchers in this field are also contributing regularly with broader discussions of the topic.

For any information, please get in touch with Dr Charlotte Récapet, the professor responsible for this course section.